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Teenager shoots mother, kills her as 'she did not love him', father's gun used in the crime

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BHOPAL: A 17-year-old killed his mother, as he felt that she did not love him, police said.

The teenager used his father's licensed rifle to shoot his mother fatally and himself called up the police to report the murder.

The victim, Sapna, 42, died on the spot. There was lot of blood at the spot.

Police sources said that the youngster was found calmly sitting near his mother's body and showed no remorse for the act. He has been arrested.

The incident occurred in the Bhagat Nagar colony of Tikamgarh town in Madhya Pradesh when the mother-son duo were alone in the house. The teenager's father Ramesh Kumar, 45, had gone to the family's ancestral village, leaving his official weapon behind.

While the father is said to have told the police that there were no previous tension between the mother and the son, neighbours said that the teenager had fallen into bad company, had gotten addicted to alcohol and the mother would often scold him.

The accused, however told police that his mother did not love him and often beat him up. The woman is the third wife of the accused's father and has an elder son who studies in Indore. As there was no child from first two wives, Ramesh had married for the third time.

He had two sons from this marriage. Today also mother and son had an argument and she had allegedly thrown a glass at him after which he shot her. A case has been registered in this regard and investigation is on. [As the age is less than 18, the name of the accused and the family's surname too not mentioned to protect identity, and hence his photo not been published.