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Horrific: Jilted lover sets fire to building, 7 killed in the blaze in Indore

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INDORE: Seven persons were killed after a jilted lover set fire to a building and it resulted in a major blaze, causing the deaths.

The youth--Sanjay Dixit alias Shubham, was upset with the girl and he first set fire to her two-wheeler in the parking of the building. 

The fire spread to other vehicles and the entire building was engulfed in flames. 

Ishwar Sisodia and Nitu Sisodia, a couple that lived on the ground floor, were among those dead. Also, Ashish Rathor, a youth and his friend Akanksha Agarwal who had come for celebrating birthday were burnt to death though their roommates who were sleeping on the roof, survived.

Devendra, Samir and Gaurav Pawar who were in another flat, also died. The bodies were were found in a burnt state. As fire raged, locals poured water but it didn't help. Local residents tried to rescue a few residents. By the time fire tender could arrive, seven people had died due to burn injuries or asphyxiation. Sanjay Dixit, the culprit, was identified, due to CCTV footage. 

According to police sources, 16 persons stayed in seven flats in the building, three flats were unoccupied. On the particular night, Sanjay went to the building where the girl lived and set fire to the scooty. This act was caught in the CCTV cameras. Many vehicles in parking had petrol and hence the fire soon spread.

The incident occurred at Swarna Bagh Colony in Vijay Nagar. Sanjay was apparently in love with the girl though she was not interested in him. He had also given her Rs 10,000 and recently she had blocked him on phone as well.  The girl didn't get harmed in the incident. Police said that Sanjay has been arrested and charged with murder. [The victims' photographs at the top. Inset, black and white photograph of the accused]