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Policemen brutally hit man with cane, kick him in Chhindwara, suspended, probe ordered

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BHOPAL: Two policemen beat a man with cane and also kicked him--an incident that occurred in Chhindwara.

The video of the duo hitting the lone person, went viral, leading to shock among people on social media. 

Now the policemen have been suspended and a probe has been ordered. 

The victim identified as Nanu, 30, a mason, was seen hitting by the police personnel--Krishna Dongre and Ashish, in the video. The incident had occurred a few days ago (Mid-may 2020) but went viral more than a week later.

After it came to notice, the senior officials have ordered a probe. The Police Headquarters (PHQ) has also taken a serious view of the incident. The two policemen were initially shifted from the police station and attached to police line. 

Later, they were suspended. However, the top police brass has taken a serious view of the incident, especially, as comes in wake of a similar incident in Betul where a lawyer for beaten up and later policemen allegedly told him that they beat him as they felt he was a Muslim due to his beard. 

The latest incident in Pipalyanarayan in Chhindwara has again highlighted the rot in the system, especially, the readiness of police to use excessive force and hit citizens. Meanwhile, a departmental probe has been ordered. The officials say that stern action would be taken so as to ensure that there is no repetition of similar act, in future.