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SHOCKING: Duo attack girl, pour poisonous liquid in her eyes, accused arrested

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BHOPAL: In a horrific incident, two youths abducted a girl, molested her and also poured poisonous liquid in her eyes in an attempt to blind her. 

The girl, a 20-year-old, who hails from Pawai, was injured and was later rushed to the hospital.

The accused--Sumer Singh alias Summi Raja and Goldy Singh, have been arrested.

According to police, the girl who hails from Barauha village was abducted and taken to a desolate place. The duo overpowered her and molested her. She was brutally thrashed and a liquid was poured in her eyes. 

They later abandoned her. The girl said that her vision was affected and initially it was suspected to be an acid. However, it was later found that this was extracted from a poisonous flower. The girl was administered medication. The doctors say that her vision would be saved. 

During preliminary probe it was found that the duo were upset with her. Duo felt that she helped an accused's relative in elopement with a youth. Hence, they targeted the girl. The police have arrested Sumer Singh and Goldy. They have been booked and are being interrogated.