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Seventh wife responsible for husband's murder, fabricated story after killing, gets arrested

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BHOPAL: A middle aged man was murdered and the wife tried to give an impression that he died in a mishap.

But it was ultimately found that she was involved in the murder and had fabricated the story, in order to save herself.

The police have arrested her and booked under murder charges. The woman has been sent to judicial custody after initial investigation and questioning. 

This incident occurred in Simalapada in Ratlam district of Western Madhya Pradesh. The victim, Pramesh Kumar Singar, 45, was reported dead at his house. His wife told police that he had come home, bleeding, at night and was found dead in the morning. 

She told police that at around 2 am, his wife came back with the tractor, and had blood oozing out of his head. However, he didn't tell her anything and went to room to sleep. But she asked him for tea in the morning and there was no response. She realised that he was dead, claimed the woman. When the police reached the spot and saw the body, they got suspiciious. 

There were injury marks on the body. The couple's four daughters and the victim's brother in law were also at home. During preliminary interrogation, it became clear that the injuries were not received in mishap, but he was attacked with hard object, repeatedly. 

When confronted and testimonies of other family members were taken, it was revealed that his wife Santosh Bai had killed her own husband Pramesh. by hitting him with an iron rod. Later, when he fell unconscious and was bleeding, she hid the iron rod by digging the ground behind the house. 

The husband and wife often quarrelled and it was after a row that she had attacked him. The woman later confessed that she had killed her husband, said police. The body was sent for postmortem. The woman was arrested. She was the seventh wife of Pramesh Kumar Singar. 

Though polygamy is unlawful, action is taken generally when there is a formal complaint. Also, in certain communities, particularly, tribal areas, local customs allow and they are exempted from following the law due to protected cultural traditions and old existing customs.