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Man who attacked vegetable seller over latter's religion, arrested in Delhi

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NEW DELHI: A man who had allegedly hit a Muslim vegetable vendor with stick and used extremely objectionable language, has been arrested.

The accused--Praveen Babbar, had stopped the young vegetable seller and asked his identity for selling vegetables in the locality. 

Subsequently, Praveen had abused the seller and hit him repeatedly, using abusive language. 

A video of the entire incident had gone viral on the social media. This drew criticism and social media users had urged action. Fact-checkers too had identified that one of the persons in the video was riding a motorcycle registered in Delhi, and the location of the incident was also found to be in Delhi.

The victim, Mohammad Salim's statement was also recorded. The police located Praveen, a resident of Badarpur Extention. He was booked under different sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and has been arrested.

Several people have spread false stories and fake videos resulting in communal hatred and as a result, there have been attempts to even communalise the tragedy. This is despite warning from officials in different states that offensive posts and attemtps to create disturbance, won't be tolerated.

In this case, the accused had publicly said that he didn't want Muslim vendors in the locality. He kept hitting the vendor in full public view and used highly inflammatory language. However, as the incident was captured on the camera, he was identified and has now been arrested.