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Man 'sacrifices' own four-year-old daughter for the sake of 'treasure' in Andhra Pradesh

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HYDERABAD: In a horrific act, a man killed his own daughter, because of the superstitious belief that it would bring him wealth.

The incident occurred in Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh. 

The man, K Venugopal, asked his mother to take one of his daughters to temple, leaving the other at home. 

Once they were gone, he applied vermilion and turmeric on the kid's face and forced them i nto her mouth, making her swallow it, after certain rituals. The neighbours heard the shrieks and rushed. The child suffered from asphyxia and was rushed to hospital, where she succumbed to injuries. The act stunned the citizens. 

In fact, Venugopal's mother had inkling about the plan as he had discussed it with her. Venugopal manufactured cement blocks. However, the YouTube videos had such an impression that he decided to commit such a heinous act--all for the sake of money. After initial interrogation, the police arrested him.