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Forced ‘pakdaua’ marriage in Bihar ends in murders of woman, her father and brother

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A 'Pakdaua' marriage in Begusarai of Bihar ended in a bloody manner recently when the woman Neelu, her father and brother were shot dead by the man who was forced to marry her in May 2022.


Accused Himanshu Yadav’s elder brother Sudhanshu and father Sanjay Yadav also allegedly fired at Neelu’s father and brother – identified as Umesh and Rajesh Yadav respectively.


The shocking incident occurred on February 17 at Aaho Govindpur village of Begusarai where Neelu had reached Himanshu’s home with her father and brother with an aim of now staying at her marital home.


Neelu and Himanshu were caught together by her family and as per the ‘pakdaua’ custom; they were made to tie the knot in May 2022. Himanshu had been forcefully held in the home of Neelu in Shrinagar village for 48 hours before his family could get him ‘released. Himanshu is a cousin of Neelu’s elder sister Reeta’s husband.


Himanshu was not happy with the marriage and Neelu had not been allowed to come to her marital home. An agreement was reportedly reached between two families in February 2024 where Rs 20 lakh ‘dowry’ was to be paid to Himanshu before Neelu could start living with him.


When Neelu reached Himanshu’s house in Govindpur with her father Umesh Prasad and brother Rajesh as per the agreement along with Rs 15 lakh cash,  Himanshu got angry one some point and after an argument, allegedly shot her eight times.


Meanwhile, his father and brother joined him in shooting Umesh and Rajesh too although they had handed over the Rs 15 lakh cash to them.


Himanshu's brother Sudhanshu's wedding was to be solemnised and according to sources, Himanshu wanted to dump Neelu and marry another girl stealthily, though ready to take dowry from Neelu's family but not willing to keep her.


Himanshu and his family are said to have criminal antecedents and while Himanshu and Sudhanshu are on the run after the incident, their father Sanjay Yadav has surrendered in the court.




Sravani Sarkar

Sravani Sarkar has been a journalist for three decades. In the past, she has worked with Lokmat Times, Indian Express, Hindustan Times & The Week