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Tiffin centre owner, brother die of Coronavirus: Cops worried as they got food from centre

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Sayeed Nadan

RAISEN: The death of a Tiffin centre owner and his brother, both of whom were found Coronavirus positive, within days, has become a cause of concern for the administration in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. 

The reason is that they supplied food packets to police staff posted in Raisen. Amit Agarwal, 45, used to run the Tiffin centre. During lockdown, he supplied food to policemen who have been posted in the city. 

Now, over 50 policemen have been asked to be kept in quarantine. Also, the doctors, health staff and others who came in contact with the siblings, have been given asked to follow all the precaution and keep selves quarantined. 

Amit Agarwal, who lived near Mahamaya Chowk, used to take orders for marriages and parties as well, apart from running the Tiffin centre. His brother Sumit Agarwal was a mathematics teacher. Both of them were tested positive for Coronavirus recently. They were sent for treatment.

However, they couldn't be saved. In fact, initially they were getting themselves treated privately. The government doctor who treated the elder of the two brothers at his private hospital, didn't patient to go to dedicated Covid hospital and also failed to inform administration. After their condition deteriorated, they were referred to Bhopal.

Within two days, both Amit and Sumit passed away. Now, members of the entire family have been kept in quarantine. Their parents and 11 other members of the family including a newborn baby has also been quarantined. One of the brother's wife has also tested positive.

Several family members are also hospitalised now. Meanwhile, the district authorities have issued a show-cause notice to the doctor and has asked him to explain the conduct. The officials are now taking extra precautious and the police are enforcing lockdown measures, even more strongly. 

Sayeed Nadan

Sayeed Nadan has been a journalist for 25 years. He has covered the region, particularly, Central MP, extensively.