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No NPR in Congress-ruled states, Digvijaya Singh tells protesters in Bhopal

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BHOPAL: In a significant move, senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh has said that there would be no NPR in Congress-ruled states.

Singh was speaking in front of people who are protesting the NRC, NPR and Citizenship Act in Bhopal.

The former CM said that it has been decided that the Congress ruled states won't have NPR. While Kerala and West Bengal have announced their opposition to NPR, suspense remains over Congress' stand.

Criticising the BJP's, Singh said that while Shah repeatedly said that NRC would come, PM says that it was never discussed. 'Who is lying?'. "In President's address, NRC was mentioned. How is it possible if it was not discussed and if there was no intention? The cabinet secretary can lose job for such an insertion. Without discussion or without cabinet's approval, how was included in the speech", he further added.

Singh said that Amit Shah has also explained the 'chronology'. He said that there was no need for such a law. 'Why Tamil Hindus who want to come to India, are not included?', he asked. He said that this law was jut brought because BJP wants to see the reaction. "For them, 'Hindu-Muslim' is the sole agenda as they want to win elections by creating these issues. They care least about economy or unemployment".

"In villages, people don't have idea about their birthdays. You ask and they tell that someone was born three days before Diwali, not even sure of the date or year. Already, there is Aadhar card that has biometric data of the person apart from voters' id. There is no need for any new document", he added. Singh was speaking at Iqbal Maidan where a satyagraha has been going on against NRC-NPR and CAA for over three weeks.

People belonging to all communities fought for the country's independence. 'Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and those belonging to all other religions serve in the army and defend the borders of the nation. We will not allow any discrimination with any group or community, he said.