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No end to Terrorism, Maoists kill 16 in IED blast in Maharashtra, expose govt claims of ending terror

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MUMBAI/NAGPUR: As many as 15 policemen and a driver have been killed in an IED blast by Maoists in Gadchiroli in Maharashtra. 

It is one of the biggest such attacks in recent times in Maharashtra. The ID was set off when commandos of the Quick Response Team (QRT) of Maharashtra police, was on way to inspect the spot where Maoists had burnt vehicles. 

The attack has come barely days after the Maoists' terror attacks in neighbouring Chhattisgarh where a legislator was also killed with security personnel. Clearly, the claims of being tough on terror has had little impact on the Naxalites who seem to be operating freely and setting of blasts, at will. 

The attack took place at Kurkheda in Gadchiroli, the part that is close to Chhattisgarh's Rajnandgaon. Maoists had earlier set afire 36 vehciles that included backhoe machines, tankers, tippers, road rollers and generator vans. All these vehicles belonged to a private company engaged in road construction.

The policemen had hired a private bus, hoping that this Maoists won't be able to identify it as a police team. However, it's clear that the Red militants had information about the movement.  Such was the impact of the blast that the body parts of the slain policemen were found strewn all around--on the trees as well as the roadside. 

On April 9, Maoists had killed BJP MLA  Bhima Mandawi and four others in Dantewada in Bastar region of Chhattisgarh. This attack in Gadchiroli is the worst such strike in the region. Ten years ago, 51 policemen were killed in three separate strikes. Top police officials admitted that it was a result of intelligence failure.

PM Narendra Modi has earlier said that terror acts have been stopped during the BJP regime. However, the blasts and killings by Maoists in different states apart from the Pulwama terror attack, clearly shows that the outlaws manage to procure guns and explosives, and are able to strike at will.