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Minor boy kills elder brother for not letting him play PUBG on mobile phone in Maharashtra

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MUMBAI: A minor boy allegedly attacked and killes his elder brother because the latter didn't want him to play PUBG.

The boy, who is 15-years-old, got into a rage when his 19-year-old brother asked him to stop playing the game.

The minor boy suddenly banged his brother's head against the wall and later assaulted him with scissors.

According to police, the incident occurred in Bhiwandi town near Thane in Maharashtra. The elderly brother Mohammad Sheikh had scolded his younger brother for playing PUBG, a highly addictive video game, on the mobile phone.

The younger brother used to play the game for hours everyday. When Sheikh asked the younger brother to stop playing the game, the latter unexpectedly pounced upon him and banged the elder brother's head against the wall. Sheikh fell unconscious.

Meanwhile, the minor boy took up scissors and repeatedly attacked his brother. The elder brother couldn't survive this attack. He received multiple injuries and succumbed in the hospital. The police have registered a case of murder in this regard. Investigations are on in the case.