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Man throws friend's 3-yr-old daughter from seventh floor apartment's window, arrested

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MUMBAI: A man threw a three-year-old child from the window of seventh floor flat in a Mumbai apartment. 

The child--Shanaya Hathiramani, fell down from the height, even as passersby on the road watched.

First, the kid fell on the bonnet of a car that was parked below, and then came down to the ground. 

The local residents rushed the child to the hospital but the kid couldn't be saved. The accused--Anil Chugani, 44, whose family has business in a foreign country, has been arrested. He has been sent on police remand. 

It is learnt that Chugani who often came to India, would take the kids of his 'friend' to his flat. He used to show lot of affection towards them. On the particular day, he had taken the kids to his flat, shut the room from inside with Shanaya inside & even before the nanny who got suspicious and began banging the door, he had thrown the child.

The woman had by then ran out of the house with Shanaya's sister and her six-year-old brother. It is not clear what exactly drove him to commit such a monstrous crime. Shanaya's grandfather Lal Hathiramani said that Anil used to ask Shanaya's father to get him job. The accuseed is being interrogated.