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Bhopal: Three separate cases registered for protest against CAA-NRC, hundreds booked

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BHOPAL: The police have registered three separate cases against participants who took part in the protest against the Citizenship Act, NPR and NRC. 

A big procession was taken out in city from Jinsi Chauraha that reached Budhwara and Sultania Road, until it turned into a public meeting. As the district administration has enforced Section 144, the police registered a case.

In this case, the protests including Mohsin, Mahrukh and around 100 others have been booked. The case was registered at the Jehangirabad police station. 

The second case was registered at the Talaiya police station. In this case, around 200-250 persons have been booked. Those named include Tariq, Md Samir, Asif, Moosa and many others for taking out rally and staging protest without permission. 

The third action was taken by TT Nagar police. Mahrukh, Mohsin and 100-150 others were booked for staging a protest without permission. Section 144 has been enforced for two months in the city so that the protests on the citizenship act and NRC couldn't be staged. 

Large number of women took part in the rally and protest at Iqbal Maidan. Bhopal has witnessed dozens of protests against CAA, NPR and NRC in the last few weeks. Meanwhile, Jamiat-e-Ulama has been running a signature campaign on the issue. In Indore, a rally in support of CAA was also taken out today.