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WOW WOMAN: Nobel prize in Physics awarded to Donna Strickland, first in 55 years

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NEW DELHI: It's a big news. A woman has been awarded Nobel prize in Physics.

Donna Strickland, a Canadian, is the first woman in the world in the last 55 years to get the coveted award.

So far, just three women have received this honour. 

It is such a big achievement in the sense that she has been elected for the award that was won by Marie Curie in 1903 and Maria Goeppert-Mayer. The latter had got it in 1963.

Donna Strickland is getting this year's prize with Arthur Ashkin of US and Gerard Mourou (France) in the field of laser physics. It is about finding way for the shortest and most intense laser pulses that have ever been created.

The last woman who get the award was Maria Goeppert-Mayer who got it in the field of discoveries about atmos' nucleuses. When news of Donna Strickland getting the award was beamed, the situation was such that there was hardly any information about her works even on the Wikipedia page.

This suggests how little focus is there on women doing research in such areas. An associate professor at the University of Waterloo, she got award for work on compresson of amplified chirped optical pulses. This led to new focus on ultrafast optical sciences.