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Woman cop who brought baby to police station everyday, prompts DGP to take action

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LUCKNOW: A woman police personnel had to bring her baby along to the police station, everyday.

The child being just six-months-old, she couldn't leave her alone.

Hence, she would bring the baby who slept on the desk.

Archana Jayant, 30, would perform her duties, while the child remained at her side. This photograph of the baby with the bottle and the mother finishing her work, went viral on social media.

Archana who hails from Agra, was posted at the visitors' desk at a police station in Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh. DGP OP Singh who also saw the photograph, praised her.

Her husband works in Gurgaon and she can't be posted in Kanpur, which is her home district after marriage (police personnel aren't posted to home districts). Archana was posted in Jhansi since the year 2016.

Hence, she had no option but to bring the baby to the police station. Realising that this was tough, DGP ordered her transfer to Agra, where her parents live. The police personnel is happy that she will now be able to raise her kid and perform her duties, well.

Also, she will also be able to have her elder daughter live with her. DGP OP Singh called her a 'quintessential 21st century woman' , whose experience inspired UP police to explore possibility of having a creche at police line in district.