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'Why litterateurs, Urdu poets not visible in Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra', says Manzar Bhopali

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BHOPAL: Renowned poet Manzar Bhopali has expressed his dissatisfaction with the engagement of Rahul Gandhi with the different sections of people and has said that it appears that distance has been kept from authors, litterateurs and particularly Urdu poets.

Manzar Bhopali said that in the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi is talking about 'Muhabbat' but the word belongs to Urdu language. And, there is no engagement with Urdu poets and writers during this long foot march. 

"During his rally, people from all cross sections come and are seen with Rahul Gandhi. However, on this long route, nowhere it seemed that writers and especially Urdu poets are nowhere around, even though he passed cities that are major centres of Urdu language and literature', he said.

"When you go through cities like Hyderabad or Indore, yet, no major author or Urdu poet is seen with you, one feels odd", he further added. Manzar Bhopali is a wellknown Urdu poet who has recited poetry in umpteen countries across Asia, Europe, Australia and Middle East. 

Also, apart from poetry, he is known for speaking his mind and expresses his views on multiple issues. Manzar Bhopali has many poetry collections to his credit and has got dozens of major awards. Meanwhile, the Congress party organisation's leaders said that no one is specially invited, people join on their own and there is no attempt to stay away from any section. 

However, Manzar Bhopali says that when people from all fields are visible, at least, an attempt to reach out should have been made. Why Gulzar sahab, Wasim Barelvi sahab or other major poets of India, can't be seen if there is an important Yatra that passes through country and talks about 'Muhabbat', yet, one I am said that entire section has been neglected.