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When 15,000 litres of milk floods the road, people come with buckets to carry it to their homes

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BHOPAL: It was a strange scene--milk was flowing on the road

Thousands of litres of milk that had swept the entire area. 

People came out with buckets, collecting the milk and carrying it to their homes. 

The spectacle was witnessed near Damoh in Madhya Pradesh. A tanker carrying milk overturned after a mishap. Nearly 15,000 litres of milk, which the tanker was carrying, spread on the street.

Police said that Pooran Ahirwar was driving the tanker on Jabalpur highway, when while trying to save a two-wheeler rider, the driver lost control over the steering. The tanker was going from Gwalior to Jabalpur

Ahirwar got trapped in cabin and was injured. It took nearly two hours before he could be extricated. Meanwhile, people from nearby areas, brought the containers and took to their homes as much milk as they could collect. 

People also used cell phones to shoot video. Later, crane was called and the tanker was removed from the spot. The condition of the driver who got injured in the accident, remains serious.