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Unique clock tower built on well demolished in Madhya Pradesh, civic body razes it

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BHOPAL: A unique clock tower that was built on top of a well in Satna has been demolished.

The municipal body in the town decided to raze it.

Despite opposition from certain quarters, the structure was pulled down. 

The Ghanta Ghar, which was constructed on a well, was an important structure in Satna. It was built in the decade of seventies. The civic body decided to raze it, in order to broaden the traffic intersection.

Though there was an opposition, the municipal authorities went ahead with the plan. It was razed in no time. The Ghanta Ghar was situated at Pannilal Chowk. Legislator Shankar Lal Tiwari opposed the demolition.

He said that he was shocked. The Satna municipal body would now 'beautify' the spot and there will be a fountain apart from wide rotary, say officials. However the city loses its monument. Photo courtesy: