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Unable to bear hunger pangs, schoolgirl sets self afire in Uttar Pradesh, succumbs to burns

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LUCKNOW: A schoolgirl who had set herself afire allegedly due to hunger, couldn't be saved.

After battling for life for nearly a week, she has succumbed to the burns. 

Rohini, who studied in VIIIth standards, had found that the sole roti that was left and was often shared between siblings, had been eaten by her younger brother. 

Unable to bear the hunger pangs, she poured kerosene and set herself afire, said the kin. The neighbours rushed to save her but she had suffered severe burns. Later, she was taken to the hospital.

But the family didn't have the money to even buy medicines--the doctors asked her father Rakesh to bring medicines from outside (which he was unable to buy), an earlier report in Hindi daily Hindustan mentions. Hence, they brought her back home.

Also, Rakesh is landless and needs to work as daily wage labourer to earn enough to feed other kids. When the news was published, the local officials took action and again got her admitted in hospital.

However, her condition had deteriorated and she succumbed to burns on Monday (October 28), says the MediaVigil report. This incident occurred in Majlispur village in Sakran block of Sitapur, a district near Lucknow. The local village chief said that Rakeh is landless and his family didn't have name in list and as a result couldn't get benefit of PM Awas Yojana (housing scheme).

Unfortunately, the incident occurred several days ago but it didn't stir the 'national media'. After reports in certain papers and online portals, it brought the family's plight to attention and some help was provided but it was too little and too late.