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Two tribal men lynched on suspicion of carrying beef, locals demand action against attackers

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BHOPAL: Two persons were beaten to death while another was seriously injured in an attack that took place in Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh. 

The victims, Dhan Shah Inwati and Sampat, were accompanied by a third person, Brajesh, when they were attacked by suspected Bajrang Dal members. 

They were carrying meat while the attackers suspected that it was beef. The assailants who were around 20 in number, thrashed the victims and allegedly hit them with lathis. The victims were later rushed to hospital. However, two of them were reported dead.

The third person is undergoing treatment in the hospital. After the incident, local tribal populace got angry and the residents sat on the highway, blocking traffic. The officials tried to persuade them but the traffic jam continued for hours on the Jabalpur-Nagpur highway, resulting in a huge jam. 

The opposition party leaders were also part of the blockade. Demanding tough action against attackers, the local tribals said that the accused persons' houses should be demolished with bulldozers just like it has happened in many other cases in the recent past in Madhya Pradesh. 

The police said that a case has been registered in connection with the death of two persons. The case of murder has been registered. Over 15 persons have been booked and some suspects have been detained. The local officials assured the tribal leaders that the guilty would not be spared.

UPDATE: Those involved are reportedly linked with Bajrang Dal and Ram Sene. On the basis of Brajesh's statement, police booked 18 persons including six who have been idenfitied--Sher Singh Rathor, Vedant Chauhan, Ajay Sahu, Deepak Awadhia, Basant Raghuvanshi and Raghunandan Raghuvanshi.