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Tourist influx in Madhya Pradesh grows sharply; Ujjain alone saw over 5.28 crore footfalls in 2023

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Special Correspondent

BHOPAL: Renowned for its rich cultural heritage, glorious history, natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and spiritual experiences, Madhya Pradesh welcomed over 11 crore (110 million) tourists in 2023, setting a new record for the state.

This achievement marks a significant milestone in Madhya Pradesh's tourism industry, surpassing pre-COVID levels and establishing the state as a premier tourist destination in India.

The year 2023 witnessed an influx of 11.21 crore (112.1 million) tourists to Madhya Pradesh, showcasing a remarkable growth of almost 3.5 times compared to 2022's 3.41 crore (34.1 million) visitors.

Ujjain, one of India's holiest cities and home to Mahakaleshwar temple, emerged as the most popular tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh, attracting over 5.28 crore (52.8 million) pilgrims and tourists.

The data has been released by the Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation (MPSTDC) on the eve of its foundation day May 24, which is also celebrated as Madhya Pradesh Tourism Day.

Data further shows that five out of the top ten most visited destinations in the state are renowned religious sites including Ujjain, Maihar, Chitrakoot, Omkareshwar, and Salkanpur, highlighting the growing appeal of spiritual tourism.

Landmark projects like Mahakal Lok in Ujjain and Ektma Dham in Omkareshwar have played a pivotal role in attracting more visitors to the state.

Sheo Shekhar Shukla, Principal Secretary, Tourism & Culture & Managing Director, MP Tourism Board said "The record-breaking tourist arrivals are a testament to Madhya Pradesh's immense appeal as a diverse and enriching travel destination. Our unwavering focus on developing infrastructure, promoting religious tourism, and showcasing our unique cultural heritage has been instrumental in attracting visitors from across India and the globe. We are committed to further enhancing our tourism offerings and ensuring that Madhya Pradesh remains a top choice for travellers seeking memorable and enriching experiences."

Madhya Pradesh Tourism: A Destination for All

With its rich tapestry of experiences, Madhya Pradesh caters to a wide range of travellers, from history buffs and nature enthusiasts to spiritual seekers and adventure enthusiasts. The state's diverse offerings, including ancient forts, serene temples, captivating wildlife sanctuaries, and vibrant cultural festivals, make it an ideal destination for those seeking an unforgettable journey.

As Madhya Pradesh continues to shine on the global tourism map, the state warmly invites travellers to embark on a journey of discovery and experience the unparalleled beauty, culture, and hospitality that Madhya Pradesh has to offer.

Shukla also said “The surge in tourism has had a positive impact on Madhya Pradesh's economy, generating employment opportunities, boosting local businesses, and contributing to overall infrastructure development. The state government's commitment to enhancing tourism infrastructure, promoting cultural heritage, and showcasing the state's natural wonders has been instrumental in driving this growth.”


Top 10 destinations of the state

Destination- Number of tourists

Ujjain- 52841802

Maihar- 16849000

Indore- 10119030

Chitrakoot- 9001126

Omkareshwar- 3475000

Jabalpur- 2669869

Salkanpur- 2565000

Narmadapuram (Pachmarhi, Madhai, Narmadapuram, Adamgarh)- 2283837

Raisen (Bhimbetka, Sanchi, Bhojpur)- 2137058

Bhopal- 1950965


Number of tourists per year

Year-No. of Tourist

2023- 11,21,29,094

2022- 3,41,38,757

2021- 2,55,95,668

2020- 2,14,00,693

2019- 8,90,35,097

2018- 8,46,14,456

2017- 5,88,62,584