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Torture in Bhopal jail: Activists ask CS-DGP to follow NHRC recommendations

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BHOPAL: A delegation comprising human rights activists called on the Chief Secretary and Director General (Jail) regarding the mistreatment and alleged torture with the 28 jail inmates in Bhopal and asked the officials to accept the recommendations of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). 

As many as 21 prisoners have for long been meted out inhuman treatment and this complaint was made to NHRC as early as in May, 2017. The Commission had found that these inmates were being harassed and tortured in Bhopal Central Jail.

Its probe team had recommended action on jail officials and compensation to kin apart from steps regarding prison reforms. Later, 10 more prisoners were shifted from Ahmedabad to Bhopal Central Jail. They were also constantly being harassed, and there were complaints of mistreatment and torture.

The State government contested the facts and sent a reply but as this report was prepared by the Superintendent whose role was already found questionable, hence, the Commission didn't accept it. The NHRC again sought reply from the Chief Secretary in this regard, subsequently. 

Due to the constant misbehaviour and torture apart from lack of basic amenities, these inmates have gone on hunger strike. One inmate has been ill after a hunger strike for six months. Taking cognisance, NHRC asked to redress these complaints. The activists regretted that even the most basic and minimum amenities were being denied to the inmates and they were on hunger strike, causing risk to their health and lives. 

They also said that the High Court has clearly said that rights of prisoners are also to be upheld. The activists said that they hoped there would be action against jail personnel and officials who were involved in the torture and mistreatment. PUCL's Madhuri, Innocence Network's AW Sheikh, CCIM's Masood Ahmed Khan, F Shaheen and Ilayas Momin were among those who met the officials.