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Tablighi Jamaat member from Bangladesh dies in MP, just a day after he gets acquitted

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A middle-aged man who had come to India along with a delegation of Tablighi Jamaat members, and was arrested, has died of cardiac arrest.

This happened just a day after a court acquitted him. For months, Sagheer Ahmad, 53, was in the state, as he was booked and charged when there were cases against Tablighi Jamaat members in different states.

Sagheer passed away on Friday evening. Subsequently, the information was provided to the administration. As this was a case of a foreigner's death, the local police informed higher officials. The post-mortem was subsequently conducted and later the last rites were performed.

The middle-aged man was buried in the grave yard near Eidgah. Ironically, it was after months of facing trial that he had been acquitted. The court had discharged all the 'jamaatis' including him. However, barely 24 hrs later, Sagheer Ahmad suffered a heart attack and he couldn't be saved. 

'Sagheer Ahmad Sattar, who passed away, hailed from Alam Nagar, Dhaka in Bangladesh. He was booked a few months ago, his passport was seized and he was sent to the jail. Recently, he was released on bail. Since then, he was staying at a madarsa here', a police officer told local journalists.

Soon after the Coronavirus pandemic struck India, there was a media witch-hunt. Local papers too used terms like 'chhupe hue' i.e. hiding in mosques for Tablighi Jamaat members who had come to India, and couldn't go back due to the sudden lockdown that was enforced in the country.

However, so strong and shrill was this campaign that there were cases and arrests. In Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh too, cases were registered and Tablighi Jamaat members were sent to jail. It was only recently that all of them were acquitted. Just when Sagheer Ahmad was free to go home, he suffered heart attack and passed away.