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'Structure in Ayodhya was demolished, will structures remain here, can CM-cops stop it', VHP leader's inflammatory speech

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Jaffer Multani

AGAR MALWA: Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader NK Upadhyaya delivered a highly inflammatory speech in Agar in Madhya Pradesh. 

Upadhyay said that the structure at Ayodhya was demolished and the 'structures' in Agar town too can't be saved. 

'Will the structures in Agar remain? They will not remain. Can the SP or chief minister Kamal Nath stop us?", he openly dared the officials and administration. 

Upadhyay said that it is just the beginning and went on to say, 'it is the beginning of the change'. Upadhyay said that the Hindus have now got awakened and this was due to 'shastra pujan' (worshipping arms). 

"Do you ever worship a God who doesn't have weapons. There is only one god, who doesn't carry wepons and Hindus don't go to his temple for pilgrimage. Entire country has just one temple of him and even there hindus don't go, he is Brahma Ji", he said in the speech delivered recently.

Upadhyaya also talked about carrying arms. Weapons are needed to establish Ram Rajya. VHP will establish Ram Rajya in the country. He also said that Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv were anti-Hindu. 

"...Voh Nehru, Bhagwan ko pyara ho gaya". "Nehru died, later Indira tried to suppress Hindus, but is she around? Is Rajeev, who also tried it, around? There was just one Dr Hedgewer, today his saffron flag in 40 countries of the world". Later, a rally was was taken out, weapons were carried and inflammatory slogas raised..

Jaffer Multani

Senior journalist Jaffer Multani covers the region of Malwa, particularly, Shajpur and Agar Malwa districts.