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Sprinklers, ORS in drinking water, vitamins help cows beat the heat at the sole cow sanctuary in India

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Jaffer Multani

AGAR MALWA: The first and only cow sanctuary of the country has become a point of discussion once again, but this time thankfully for a positive effort.

As summer has peaked and temperatures soared over 45 degrees in most part of central India including Agar Malwa where the cow sanctuary is located, authorities managing the sanctuary have made multiple arrangements to ensure that the cows sheltered there are able to beat the severe heat.

The sanctuary is located in rocky area close to Rajasthan border and this makes the heat conditions quite severe. To save the cows from any possible heat related ailments, water foggers have been installed in cow sheds.

The foggers are placed at distance of 2.5 meters in zigzag pattern. The foggers give out light spray of water which brings downs the temperatures in the shed by about 5 degrees, authorities have said. The spray also makes the cows experience light rainfall like conditions and keep them cool.

Also changes have been made in the diet of the cows. Apart from mixing ORS powder in the drinking water, special vitamin and mineral laced fodder is being offered to the cows. The sanctuary has 24 sheds of 240 capacity each and the experiment of foggers has been started in 10 sheds for now, authorities said. Currently the sanctuary shelters about 4500 cows.

Every day about four trolleys full of cow dung is produced and it is used to produce cow dung gas as well as eco-friendly dung wood. In the past, the sanctuary has been in news due to mass deaths of cows, but this time around, the efforts are positive and bringing good results.

Jaffer Multani

Senior journalist Jaffer Multani covers the region of Malwa, particularly, Shajpur and Agar Malwa districts.