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'Slap sedition case against Baba Ramdev', Indian Medical Association urges PM Modi

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NEW DELHI: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has upped the ante against Yoga guru Ramdev.

The association has demanded that sedition case be registered against him.

The yoga guru's statements regarding allopathy have angered the doctors, who have been protesting and plaints have been made to police.

In the latest update, the IMA has now written a letter to PM Narendra Modi, seeking that action should be taken against him under the sedition law. The letter says that he should be booked for spreading misinformation and challenging the protocols of the government regarding treatment of Coronavirus.

The IMA has strongly objected that even though it is proved that vaccination has saved lives and protected people from severity of infection, a video claiming that thousands of doctors died despite taking vaccine doses is being shared. This is serious and needs strong action, says the association.

Earlier, a clip went viral on social media, in which he purportedly claimed that there were deaths after taking allopathic medicines too. IMA has also served defamation notice, demanding apology from Ramdev, saying that if he doesn't apologise, it will demand a compensation of Rs 1,000 crores.