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Sisters providing free masks for distribution, playing their part in fight against Coronavirus

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Mukesh Pandey

Two sisters are busy making masks for distribution in the city. 

The girls--Harshita and Anjali, decided on their own that they would play their part in the fight against Coronavirus.

They took out the money from the piggy bank, which they had deposited, to use it for the purpose. 

First they purchase cloth and then make masks, which are then distributed in the city with the help of a foundation. Harshita Thakur and her sister Anjali Thakur, live at Jaisani Chowk in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh. 

They said that they realised that there was need for masks as a preventive measure and hence thought that they would do their bit in this fight. The family members say that after the Prime Minister's appeal, they decided that it was a thing they could do on their own. 

Most importantly, they decided that it would be free of cost so that it really helps people. After getting the fabric, they themselves stitch and make masks out of it. The local residents and prominent citizens have also lauded the effort of the girls. 

They said that it is indeed praiseworthy that the schoolgirls decided, planned and executed it so well. Further, it inspires others too, to come up with similar methods and do their bit for the society. Clearly, individual efforts not only lead to a change but also give a direction to many others.

Mukesh Pandey

An investigative journalist, he specially covers Western Madhya Pradesh. Mukesh has worked with several media houses in the past