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Sindhi Samaj to consider minority status for community at the three day conclave in Goa

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The Akhil Bhartiya Sindhi Samaj is considering putting up demand to seek minority community status in the country.

This is being considered in view of the lack of representation of Sindhi community in different walks of life, as also because of the need for official support to the culture and language of the Sindhis.

The Samaj members have planned that there would be discussion and views of the members of the community would be sought before formally putting forward this demand.

A three day conclave of the Sindhi community is all set to be held in Goa in February, and this would be discussed during the grand meet. The community members are worried about new generation of Sindhi youth's lack of interest in the language.

The community has been demanding rights meant for minorities, earlier too. The Akhil Bhartiya Sindhi Samajh's national joint president Trilok Deepani has said that after taking consideration of views of the community, the demands would be put forward and government would be urged to take action.

This is not the first such occasion when it is being discusses. In fact, some community members had earlier also made a similar demand but it was rejected by the National Commission of Minorities. Now the aim is make it into a political demand.  

The delegates are coming from all corners of the country to discuss ways to preserve the Sindhi language, culture and heritage in the country. The aim is to discuss ways to link Sindhi communities and ensure that the state governments recognize the language.