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SHOCKING: Trader shoots wife, kids dead before killing self over debt in Bathinda

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BATHINDA: In a horrific incident, a trader who was under debt and was getting threats, killed his wife and minor children before he ended his own life. 

This incident occurred in Green City in Bathinda, Punjab. Davinder Garg had been facing losses and started dealing in bitcoins but this worsened his financial condition. Not only he was under severe debt, he was also getting threats.

Apparently, the huge losses and threats prompted him to commit suicide. Unfortunately, he killed his children and wife too. The bodies were recovered from the house and the police started a probe into the circumstances that led to this incident in which four persons including Davinder, 41, his wife Meena, 38, son Arush, 10, and daughter Muskan, 9, lost their lives.

A handwritten note was left in which Davinder also wrote names of those persons who were harassing them. Some of them have been detained. Initially it has been found that during lockdown his business had suffered. Also, he had to shift to a rented house. He had taken loan from several people but was unable to pay back. They were putting up pressure on him and also issued threats.

Also, it seems he was tempted to put money in bitcoin, however, it turned out to be disastrous for him. Of late, there have been other incidents too suggesting that people put their money to invest in crypto-currency but suffered huge losses. The local police are investigating the case. Photo Courtesy, PunjabKaSach