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'Shivraj govt's Global Investor Summits super-flop, just 4% investment came'

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BHOPAL: The Global Investors’ Summits (GIS) organized in the State have been super-flop and have failed to bring investment.

While huge funds are spent in organizing the GIS and promises of investments in Madhya Pradesh are made, but the reality is that not even 4% of the promised investment has come in any of these summits.

MP Congress president Arun Yadav made this charge at a press conference organized in Bhopal on Thursday. Yadav said that the tall claims are made but big industrial houses only made promises and later didn’t invest in the State.

With the upcoming GIS that starts on October 22, Yadav said that ‘crooks among capitalists’ have formed a nexus with some bureaucrats and they are looting the state.

“The aim is to just obtain land at cheap cost and get other benefits, especially, tax rebates. People of the state are being looted.


*In the year 2007 when summit was held at Indore, government claimed investment proposals worth 1.2 lakh crore but only 4,744 crore (3.92%) actualized.

*In the 2010 Khajuraho summit, investment proposals worth Rs 2.37 lakh crore were claimed but investment worth only 8,004 crore (3.36%) materialized.

*In 2012, when GIS was held in Indore again, 1.22 lakh crore investment proposals were claimed but the reality was that only investment worth 4,747 crore (3.88%) came.

*In the 2014 summit, 6.79 lakh crore investment proposals were announced but later the government failed to give information about the actual investment. (The information was obtained through RTI by Congress)

 Congress to ‘expose’ nexus, false promises

The party has decided to start a campaign from Indore to expose the ‘nexus’. Its workers will approach the fraud investors’ offices.

The ‘Dhol ka Pol’ campaign would expose the industrialist-businessmen who looted the people of the state the most and exploited the resources here, by cheating citizens in the name of ‘investment’.

However, the party leaders have assured that it will not affect genuine businessmen and industrialists as the aim is to expose the crooks and ‘uncover the fraud going on in the name of GIS’.