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Severely diabetic lawyer beaten by police, fears loss of hearing, writes to CJI

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BHOPAL: A severely diabetic lawyer who was going to the hospital, was allegedly beaten up brutally by policemen in Betul district in Madhya Pradesh.

The lawyer Deepak Bundele got mutliple injuries, especially, in the ear that continued to bleed for two days after the assault.

Now, he has complained to the top officials and Bar Council apart from writing to the Chief Justice of India (CJI).

In his complaint, he mentioned that as he is severely diabetic and suffers from high blood pressure too, he was walking alone to the hospital when policemen stopped and brutally beat him. "The doctors are aware of my condition and my surgar level".

"I need constant medication and life saving medicines to survive and I told the policemen, all. But they kept hitting me. Even after I fell on the ground, they beat me". He has complained to the Superintendent of Police (SP) and later informed the Bar Council. Now, he has written to the Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India.

"The bleeding is still on. The condition of my ear is extremely bad and fear loss of hearing. I have demanded action against the policemen responsible for this brutality", he said. 'I was alone and had told policemen that was I was severely diabetic, needed urgent treatment and was about to lose consciosuness but they didn't bother to listen".

"Why they act like goons? I will fight and ensure that this level of high-handedness must not take place and the policemen involved face the law", he further added. "This is inhuman. Nobody should mistreat citizens and harass people who are in a medical emergency".