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Serial killer who couldn't resist urge to meet daughter, arrested a year after escape from custody

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RAIPUR: A serial killer who couldn't resist the urge to meet his daughter, was arrested in Raipur.

Arun Chadrakar, who has allegedly killed seven persons in the past, had changed his appearance to reach his home on daughter's birthday.

He had taken along gifts but some local residents spotted him and recognised Chandrakar.

As the police were informed, the entire area was surrounded and he was arrested. Chandrakar was wanted in connection with the Kukurbeda killings. A year ago, he had escaped from the custody when he was brought back from Durg court after hearing.

Police said that Chandrakar had come to attend his daughter's birthday. The residents who got suspicious despite his changed appearance, informed police. Hence, the police personnel were sent and he was caught near the railway crossing.

A long list of crimes

Chandrakar, who earlier lived in Hirapur in Raipur, had killed the hosue owner, Bahadur Singh and the body was also buried in the same house. This was his first major crime that is known.

Later, he shifted his residence and married Lily Dewar. He killed Lily's uncle Sanjay Singh. After Lily came to know about it, he killed Lily as well. He had killed her relative Pushpa and her husband Arun.

Later, he accepted that he was involved in other killings too. He had killed his own father too. Chandrakar nursed grudge against him as his father had kicked him out of the house because of his wayward ways.

Right now, he faces trial in seven cases of murder. Police sources said that Chandrakar often tried to bury the bodies  because he thought that if body was found, this would possibly lead to investigation and later, arrest. In some cases, the victim was unconscious (alive) when he was buried.

To interrogators, he would say that whenever he got suspicious about anybody, he would plan to 'eliminate' the person. After he escaped from custody, he begged at famous shrines in Maharashtra. However, he loved his daughter, and kept sending her gifts, even when he was away.