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Sensational murder of Mandsaur civic body chief cracked, BJP worker arrested

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MANDSAUR: The chairman of Mandsaur municipal council, Prahlad Bandhwar, a senior BJP leader, was killed by his own party worker.

A day after the murder, police have arrsted Manish Bairagi for killing Bandhwar. 

The incident had occurred when Bandhwar, 56, was going to attend a marriage function in the evening. He stopped at the shop of one Lokendra Kumawat to get an envelope, when an motorcycle-borne person arrived, shot at him and escaped.

Local residents took the injured Bandhwar to hospital, however, he couldn't be saved. The CCTV images were obtained. An eyewitness said that Manish, who came riding a bullet, first exchanged pleasantries with Bandhwar but later they had a row and suddenly he took out a pistol and fired gunshots at the senior BJP leader.

The police sources said that during the elections, the accused had borrowed money to spent it during the campaign. Manish was upset as he was paying interest on the amount and still Bandhwar went back on his promise and didn't return the amount.

When Manish insisted, Bandhwar reportedly warned that certai kiosks put up by Manish would be shifted. This had angered him. When he confronted Bandhwar and again reminded him about the promise, the altercation turned nasty. He fired two shots at Bandhwar and escaped.

Also, he had a dispute with Bandhwar over a plot near Dalauda, police sources add. Meanwhile, hundreds of people including BJP leaders attended the last rites of Bandhwar. Former CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan was also among others who participated.

[PHOTO: Manish Bairagi, the accused, seen in a file photograph]