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Sedition case against former Governor Aziz Qureshi for his remark in Uttar Pradesh

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LUCKNOW: Former Governor Aziz Qureshi has been booked for sedition. 

The case has been registered in Uttar Pradesh in connection with his comments.

Qureshi has been booked for allegedly objectionable comments against the Yogi Adityanath's government.

The case was registered on the basis of a complaint made by BJP's Akash Kumar Saxena in Rampur. The complainant alleged that Qureshi during his visit to Azam Khan's house, made a derogatory statement against the State government and compared it with 'blood sucking demon', a statement that can create tension among communities. 

After the complaint was made at Civil Lines police station, the case was registered. Qureshi was booked under section 124 (A) as well as 153 (A) and 153 (B) other than section 505 of IPC. Qureshi had gone to Azam Khan's house and met his family on Saturday. Saxena had filed complaint on the basis of the reports in the TV channels. 

After the case was registered, he told media that the statement was presented in a manner that affected his image and he made no comment on any person. Qureshi has earlier been posted as Governor in Mizoram as well as Uttarakhand and UP. There has been a focus on the rise in sedition cases registered in the country, lately.