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RSS, Sena leaders spar after Nawaz Sharif effigy as 'Ravana' set afire

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BHOPAL: Controversy erupted in Khargone after Shiv Sena put up Nawaz Sharif's effigy - posing it as Ravana and set it afire on Dussehra.

This angered Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Sanju Deshpande, who expressed anger over Ravana--a wise Brahmin - being compared to Nawaz Sharif. 

It led to a heated exchange on Facebook between Deshpande and Sena leader Madan Chauhan.

The effigy was burnt at Jaitapur in Khargone district on Dussehra. After it became known that Shiv Sena had organised the event, RSS leader Sanju Deshpande expressed his anger publicly.

In a Facebook post, he wrote that, 'Some fools compared the Mahaan Prakaand Pandit Ravan with Nawaz Sharif...'. 

Sena leader Madan Chauhan was quick to respond and wrote that it is a misfortune for India that there are still relatives of Nawaz Sharif in this country. However, on social media, the exchange between the two leaders didn't last long. 

The Shiv Sena leader also complained to police, claiming that his sentiments were hurt. He demanded that FIR should be registered and action must be taken under Information Technology (IT) Act. The complaint was made on Friday.

The party alleged that attempt was made to hurt the image of the party and this has hurt the workers.