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REAL HEROES: Individuals who arranged Oxygen to save lives during the pandemic

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BHOPAL: When India is battling the pandemic and the deadly second wave has hit the country, these people have emerged as real heroes.

Take for example, Shahnawaz Shaikh, who hails from Mumbai's Malad, had sold his SUV for Rs 22 to start the free Oxygen supply scheme and it continues to save lives during the pandemic.

Last year he provided Oxygen to more than 5,000-6,000 persons. This year, he gets 500-600 calls a day. He took the initiative to provide oxygen free of cost to the needy, when his friend's cousin died. As there was funding issue earlier, he sold his SUV and continued the work through his Unity and Dignity Foundation.

As Oxygen is needed timely and arranging it can save precious lives, he remains at the forefront and is doing outstanding work through the pandemic. No wonder, his name is on the lips of people not just in Mumbai, but his effort is being praised across the country. 

Pyare Khan, who belongs to Nagpur, immediately donated two tankers containing 32 tons of Oxygen, when it urgently needed in Nagpur. Khan, who heads the Ashmi Transport Company, first got 16 tons Oxygen from Bhilai, in view of the requirement at the medical college. Then, again he procured it from Bellary. 

Indore is among the cities that has been severely hit in the pandemic. There was sudden shortage of Oxygen and also lack of Remdisivir injections. The Indore civic body commissioner sought help and Zafar Mansuri, not only provided the Oxygen cylinders, but also the medicines.

Mansuri refused to take money in lieu of the service. He is managing director of the Indian Engineering Works. Indore and Bhopal had witnessed a huge demand for Oxygen, as patients were admitted in large numbers in the hospitals and there was an immediate need, so he came forward as a Good Samaritan.