Quick Bits : Nagpur records 1 lakh Corona cases so far, 92000 recover, 2.7K deaths
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Nagpur records 1 lakh Corona cases so far, 92000 recover, 2.7K deaths

NAGPUR: One of the worst hit cities as far as pandemic is concerned, Nagpur has recorded 1 lakh Coronavirus cases ever since the virus hit the region. Apart from Mumbai, Pune and Thane, now Nagpur is the fourth city in Maharashtra that has registered more than 1 lakh cases. 

The good news is that the cases are now coming down and the percentage of death has been less than 3%. In all, 1,00,199 cases have been recorded. Among them, nearly 92,000 have recovered (91,959 to be precise on October 26-27, 2020. 

At the moment, Nagpur has 5,536 cases and among the 1 lakh odd cases registered so far, 2,700 persons have died. Experts say that after a period of spurt, the cases are now falling. Pune has recorded 3.3 lakh cases so far and is at the top. This is followed by Mumbai (2.52 lakh) and Thane (2.2 lakh). 

Over all, India has recorded more than 79 lakh cases out of which more than 72 lakh have recovered and around 1.2 lakh have died so far, as per the latest update on October 27, 2020. Experts hope that the figure would fall but still warn that there is need for caution and that people must follow the norms of social distancing, in the winter season too.

Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai are the three cities outside Maharashta that have recorded more than 1 lakh cases each in the last eight months viz. 3.63 lakh, 3.29 lakh and 1.97 lakh. East Godavari (district) too crossed the figure of 1 lakh sometime ago. The four remaining cities are in Maharashtra.

[October 27, 2020 Newsbits.in]

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