Quick Bits : Over 92% Coronavirus patients cured in Kerala, state shows the way
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Over 92% Coronavirus patients cured in Kerala, state shows the way

NEW DELHI: Kerala has shown the way to other Indian states with its handling of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Now, in the state that has so far registered 500 confirmed cases, only 34 active cases remain. 

Out of 500, as many as 462 patients have been cured--a figure of over 92%. No state comes close to Kerala when it comes to dealing with Covid 19, in India. 

In fact, the state that has a huge expatriate population and that was leading in number of cases, initially, is now at the 16th place. There is no fresh case. Out of these 500 cases, there were just four deaths.

On the other hand, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and several other states are still facing a growing number of cases. Also, the figure of deaths is very high in certain states, especially, Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP and West Bengal. 

Right now, Maharashtra has the highest number of confirmed cases i.e. 12,974. The figure is so high because of the cases in Mumbai. This is followed by Gujarat 5,804, Delhi 4,898, Tamil Nadu 3,550, Rajasthan 3,061, MP 2,942, UP 2,766, AP 1,650, West Bengal 1,259, Punjab 1,232 and Telangana 1,085. 

Across the country, there have been 44,870 confirmed cases, out of them 30,850 are active cases and 12,942 is the number of those who have recovered. The figure of deaths, nationwide is 1,524. Clearly, Kerala model needs to learnt, replicated in order to check Covid 19 in other regions of the country.

[May 4, 2020 NewsBits.in]

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