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Prospects and obstacles on reopening of schools discussed at UNICEF-IIMC Amravati webinar

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Senior Correspondent

A webinar for media students on ‘reopening of schools: prospects and obstacles’ was organized jointly by Amravati Regional Chapter of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) and UNICEF offices of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra on Tuesday. 

Speaking at the meet, Anil Saumitra, Regional Director IIMC, Amravati stressed on the importance of communication to spread awareness on issues that impact children - like education, health and rights of the child.

Anil Gulati, Communication Specialist, UNICEF, Madhya Pradesh, spoke on the role of media students and how their increased understanding of the issue can support in increasing media discourse on the issue of learning in children. 

F A Jami, Education Specialist, UNICEF, Madhya Pradesh spoke on the efforts by the State of Madhya Pradesh on imparting education during COVID19. He however added that online learning had challenges and the need is to focus on the opening of schools, structured bridging for students and imparting psychosocial support to them to cope up with the challenges they face.

Reshma Agarwal, Education Specialist, UNICEF Maharashtra, spoke on the efforts and innovations done in the state during COVID19 and importance of opening of schools, need to focus on COVID19 appropriate behaviours and support to be provided to children as they go back to school.

Swati Mahopatra, Communication Specialist, UNICEF Maharashtra said that this is the start of a partnership between Western Region of IIMC with UNICEF office of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh to work with  media students, media and influencers to advance the agenda for child rights. 

The session was conducted by Kaynat Kazi, scholar and blogger. Vote of thanks was  given by Vinay Sonule, Assistant Professor, IIMC Amravati.