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Prominent Urdu poet Raoof Khalish passes away in Hyderabad, last rites performed

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Eminent litterateur Raoof Khalish who is considered one of major poetic voices to emerge from Deccan in the post-independent era, is no more. 

He passed away on January 2, 2020 (Thursday). Khalish was 78.

Critics, Urdu poetry aficionados termed it a major loss to the Urdu literature, as well as the culture of Hyderabad. The last rites were performed on Friday. 

Dekhi hai Khalish mai.n ne ki tahzib ki ye shaam

Girti hui diwar hai par Dhaai kahaaN hai 

Syed Raoof, who wrote with the penname Raoof 'Khalish' had begun writing in the early 1960s. He instantly got attention from literary circles. His works were published in most of the major literary magazines of the era.

Khalish didn't regularly attend mushairas and even in later years his verses weren't seen in journals much, but he remained active as a poet. Though remembered more for his ghazals, 'Khalish' penned Nazms too.

The veteran writer had several collections of poetry to his name including Nai Ruton Ka Safar, Sahra Sahra Ajnabi, Shaakh-e-Ziatoon and Shaakhsaana. Two of his sons are also well-known in literary world. While Moazzam Raaz is an acclaimed poet, Syed Mukarram Niaz focuses more on prose. Sample a few of Khalish's couplets: 

Kitni sadiyo.n se lamho.n ka loban jalta raha

Umr ka silsilah saans ban kar pighalta raha


Kirchiyaa.n ban ke shikanjo.n se nikalta dekhoo.n

Karb ki aanch mein ek nasl ko jalta dekhoo.n


Jitne mehmaa.n the sab mezbaa.n ban gaye

Apne ghar mei.n hai.n ham ajnabi ki tarah