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Pension for families that lost earning member due to Coronavirus in Madhya Pradesh

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BHOPAL: The state government has said that several families have lost their earning members and bread earners due to Corona pandemic.

Such families are facing severe financial crisis. Children have lost their fathers and guardians, old parents have lost their sons and earning members of the family. The state government will provide Rs 5,000 per month pension to such families.

Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan said that orphans, elderly and families will not have any problem in livelihood. The state government will take full care of their needs. Free education will be arranged for orphaned children, so that they can continue their education without hindrance.

Orphans, elderly and families will be provided free ration with or without eligibility. The problem of their food will be solved. Chouhan said that interest-free loan will be provided on the guarantee of the state government to members of families of orphaned children and senior citizens who want to set up their own business.

State government will provide support to families who have no support. "They are our own children. The state will take care of them. Government cannot leave such families in the lurch", he said. Chouhan said that the Corona pandemic has destroyed many families and hence they need support.