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One in every 4 engg colleges in MP had over 80% seats vacant last session

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Sravani Sarkar

Bhopal: As many as 56 out of the 203 engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh were left with more than 80% seats vacant during last academic session (2015-16), statistics released by the state directorate of technical education (DTE) shows.

The statistics were released by the DTE even as admission process for upcoming session 2016-17 started on Wednesday.

The admission scenario of the colleges last year has been put on the website of the DTE with a view of making the status of different colleges clear to this year’s aspiring engineering candidates, director of technical education Ashish Dongre told

The data shows that of the 203 colleges, 30 has below 10% admissions, meaning 90% of their seats remained vacant, while in 26 more colleges, only 10-20% seats were filled up, keeping over 80% of their seats vacant.

On other side, in 30 colleges including nine government engineering colleges, over 90% admissions were conducted, while in other four, 80-90% seats were filled up, the data shows.

The admission scenario in state engineering colleges has been very poor during the past few years with almost 50% seats remaining vacant. Last year, of the 87,000 odd seats available – 41,000 had remained vacant.

However, the latest data released by the DTE makes clear that one in every five (20%) of the colleges could get more than 80% of their seats filled up, while one in four (25%) could not fill up even 20%.

Consequently about 8500 seats have been surrendered by engineering colleges (not to be included in online counseling process) and this year only 78,620 seats would be available for admissions.

In past three years, almost 25,000 engineering seats have been reduced in the state. In year 2013-14, over 1.02 lakh seats were available in engineering colleges, of which about 60,000 had been filled up.

Admission status of engineering colleges (2015-16)::

90-100% admissions – 30 colleges

80-90% admissions – 4 colleges

70-80% admissions – 19 colleges

60-70% admissions – 13 colleges

50-60% admissions – 7 colleges

40-50% admissions – 24 colleges

30-40% admissions – 20 colleges

20-30% admissions – 24 colleges

10-20% admissions – 26 colleges

0-10% admissions – 30 colleges 

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