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Oh Cow! Gwalior residents give teary eyed farewell, pay tributes to beloved bovine Ganga

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Special Correspondent


It was a scene typical of a homage gathering. A portrait with rose garland and incense sticks burning by it was placed at head of the gathering as the mourners sat around – sad and gloomy.

But it was not a typical mourning meet. For the departed was a special beloved of the residents of Brijvihar Colony in Gwalior. It was homage meet for Ganga – a cow that was loved by the entire colony.

At a time when deaths of cows has often incited only violence in different parts of the country, the death of this cow caused only deep sorrow and pain among the residents.

A mass tribute ceremony was held at Brijvihar Colony on Thursday to pay homage to a dead cow.

The love story of the people of Brijvihar Colony and Ganga runs back eight years. The cow was brought from Haridwar by one of the families of the colony.

Ganga, a very well natured cow soon became favourite of everyone in the locality. Residents shared that she would play with children and follow people around.

Also she would visit almost every home every day and eat something or other at every place. She had become a pet for everyone.

However, the cow fell ill suddenly on Wednesday and breathed her last. No sooner did the news of her death spread, pall of gloom descended over the locality.

The last rites were performed according to full Hindu rituals and Ganga was given a teary eyed farewell.

On Thursday, a homage ceremony was organised where tributes were paid to the dead cow, highlighting the unusual bond between the bovine and the people.