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'Now magnifying lens is needed to locate Congress in the country', says PM Narendra Modi

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BHOPAL: The BJP had claimed that it was the world's biggest conclave and that 10 lakh workers would participate in the 'Mahakumbh' at Jamboree Ground in Bhopal.

PM Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah addressed the gathering but the crowd size was not anywhere close to a million.

Speaking on the occasion, PM Modi said that Congress is unable to even forge alliances in the country and hence it is trying to look for ties outside the country. He said that the BJP will fight election on the plank of development.

"Today Congress fears loss and hence its leaders are at the feet of the same parties which it once crushed. It was so power drunk and today it is ready to sit in anybody's lap", he further said. "Congress has weakened so much", Modi said.

"One has to take a 'sookshmdarshi' (magnifying lens or microscope) to locate Congress in the country now", the Prime Minister, added. "Still, the party is unable to shed its arrogance and feels that it has the right to rule the country.

There was politics on the issue of Triple Talaq. Every woman must be respected. Congress has, however, always done votebank politics. They have nothing but 'lies' while we have the strength of our organisation", said Modi.

Surprisingly, when Modi was addressing the gathering, there was little enthusiasm among workers. His one-liners seemed to have less effect. There were few roars or cheers unlike his past rallies in Bhopal. Clearly, the signs are not good for BJP either.