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Nine reasons CM Shivraj Chouhan irked with RTI activists, finds them 'dirty'

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BHOPAL: RTI activist Ajay Dubey has listed nine possible reasons why MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan doesn't like RTI activists and finds some of them 'dirty'.

In a series of posts on social media, Dubey mentioned how RTI was used to expose big scams, corruption by powerful persons and wrong-doings of the government. He said that these were the probably reasons that irk the CM.

Dueby mentioned these exposes by RTI:

1. RTI reply revealed that judges were served dinner in silverware
2. Exposed 5,000 illegal mines in Madhya Pradesh in 2007, leading High Court to order them to be shutdown
3. Exposed bias in transfer of 400 policemen before Assembly election in 2008
4. RTI queries exposed different aspects of Vyapam, MPPSC and MPonline scams
5. Appointment of tainted person as MPPSC chairman and role of a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh functionary in it
6. Appointment of ineligible persons and sycophants in Lokayukta organisation and Information Commission
7. Made public the results of poor emotional quotient of ministers during a test conducted by government
8. The RTI query revealed that how documents went missing from a politician's residence in MP
9. CM office has no public information officer to give replies on RTI queries though PMO has a PIO

Dubey has said that the CM should reveal the name of such activists. It is an attempt to target and weaken the activists who raise issues and expsoe corruption, he said. Also, he has asked DGP to record CM's statement and take action against 'dirty RTI activists running gang'.

Earlier, on Friday, Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had said that some RTI activists were 'gande' (dirty) and they gang up to seek information for harassing others. He said it during the inaugural function of the IAS officers' service meet.

RTI activists and whistleblowers have condemned the statement. Apart from whistleblowers, other activists, social workers and opposition leaders have criticised the chief minister's statement about the activists.