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'Newton, Einstein theories wrong, Kauravas were test tube babies, gravitational waves to be named after Modi'

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NEW DELHI: Famous theories of scientists including Newton, Einstein and Darwin were wrong while Indians in the past had knowledge of modern science.

This was claimed by speakers at the Indian Scientific Congress conclave in Jalandhar The speakers said that Kuaravas, the hundred sons of Dhritrashtra in the epic Mahabharata, were actually test tube babies. 

Some of the speakers made bizarre claims and said that no computer could work without 'zero'--'the invention of Indians' in ancient past. This has shocked scientific community in India, as well as outside. 

Andhra University Vice-chancellor G Nageswara Rao said that 'Dash Avtara' [Ten Incarnations] theory is much ahead of Charles Darwin's theory. Another speaker in a session said that Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking were wrong. 

Also, he stated that a woman can't give birth to 100 children in her lifetime and as fertilised eggs were kept in 100 pots, those were test tube babies. He said that stem cell research had taken place in India, many millennia ago. 

One of the speakers, Dr Kannan J Krishnan, claimed that theories of Einstein, Newton and Stephen Hawking were wrong. He said that once his theory is accepted, then grativational waves would be termed 'Narendra Modi' waves after PM.

The speaker who claimed that all the major theories of Physics were wrong, also said that the plantes don't move because of sun's gratitational pull, and said that Einstein didn't understand the concept of energy. Renowned physicists were amazed and expressed shock at the views. After the bizarre claims, organisers have tried to distance themselves from the session.