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Myths and fears on COVID-19 vaccination cleared at an interactive session with farmers

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BHOPAL: Importance of COVID-19 vaccination was highlighted and myths and rumours related to vaccination, especially those floating in rural areas, were cleared away and correct information shared during an online interactive session with farmers on Thursday.

The webinar was jointly organized by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) and UNICEF in partnership with the health department of Government of Madhya Pradesh.

About 80 farmers from different parts of the state were connected to the online session and their interaction coordinated by the Regional Outreach Bureau (ROB). Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering (CIAE), Bhopal also played a role in linking farmers to the meet.

Speaking at the session, Prashant Pathrabe, additional director general of PIB highlighted the importance of such sessions to disseminate correct information and to highlight the importance of vaccination. He also said that it was very important to break various myths floating around in rural areas.

Dr Santosh Shukla, state immunization officer, gave details on vaccination, schedule, importance of getting vaccinated and steps being taken by the state government for increasing vaccination.

He clarified and answered question from farmers on various myths and rumors circulating. He emphasised that vaccine is safe and that vaccination and strict following of COVID-19 protocols are the two ways to fight COVID19.

Dr CR Mehta, director, Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering (CIAE) advised the farmers on need for physical distancing and following of other protocols as they work in the fields.

Dr Vandana Bhatia, Health Specialist, MP office of UNICEF answered questions from participation on vaccination and emphasised the need to use double facemask, hand washing with soap and physical distancing.

Amrendar Mishra of Krishak Jagat and Virendar Vishwakarma of National Krishi Mail, agricultural magazines, Anil Gulati, Communication Specialist, MP office of UNICEF,  Akhil Namdev and Prem Kuma from PIB were also part of the meet.

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