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Muslims from 30 countries reach Bhopal for Ijtima, lakhs attending congregation

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BHOPAL: One of the biggest congregations of Muslims in the world, Alami Tablighi Ijtima, commenced in Bhopal on Saturday

Muslims from thirty countries have arrived in Bhopal for the Ijtima. The grand congregation is organised annually in the central Indian city. 

Hundreds of jamaats (groups of devout) have arrived in Bhopal for the three-day event. The event begins on Saturday with the Fajr prayer. On the second day, mass marriages are solemnised during the congregation.

The Ijtima will conclude on Monday with the 'dua' (prayer). Lakhs of people have already reached Bhopal. They include jamaats from countries across the world. Over a million Muslims attend the event. This is the 69th Ijtima in Bhopal.

It was the first such congregation of Tablighi Jamaat. Later, Ijtimas were organised in other cities and countries too. Now, the Biswa Ijtima at Dhaka in Bangladesh and Ijtima at Raiwind in Pakistan too draw millions of people every year.

However, the Ijtima in Bhopal remains one of the biggest such congregations in India. During the three days of the congregation, eminent Islamic scholars deliver discourses, urging the Muslims to follow the path of religion.

In Bhopal, Ijtima is also associated with a fair that was organised near Tajul Masajid, and which was a major attraction for people. Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan  had visited Eintkhedi, the venue of the congregation recently, to meet religious leadres and take stock of preparations.

Jamats from 30 countries in the Ijtima

The countries from where participants have come are as follows: Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Kyrgystan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Egypt and South Africa.

Jamaats have also arrived from Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, Thailand, Philippines, France, Australia, Canada, United States of Americia (USA), Brazil, Russia, Tunisia, United Kingdom (UK) et al. 

Tent city comes up for Ijtima

A tent city spread over 215 acres of land with marquees on 65 acres has come up at Ghasipura in Eintkhedi on the outskirts of Bhopal. The remaining land of about 150 acres is marked for parking and shopping plots meant for eateries.

275 eateries provide subsidized food

As many as 55 food zones, 25 breakfast outlets and 275 hotels have come up at subsidised rates. Ten thousand volunteers have been deployed for the smooth functioning of the Ijtima and to help the jamaatis arriving in Bhopal.