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'Muslim institutions are being targeted, financially weakened and damaged in Madhya Pradesh'

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BHOPAL: The Muslim institutions--ranging from MP Waqf Board to State Haj House, the Mutawalli Committee and Madarsa Board, are all being systematically targeted and financially squeezed, alleged Advocate SM Salman.

Addressing a press conference, he said that in the last year, one after the other, the instituations have been targeted and certain incompetent persons have been posted and they have been used to damage the institutions. In fact, the top brass of the department is involved in it.

"The Minorities' Welfare Department is targeting Muslim minority institutions in a planned manner, a conspiracy", he said. 'Look at the affairs, in MP Waqf Board, after December 2018, when the board members term ended, the board was not reconstituted for more than two years though as per Waqf Act provisions, this should be done in less than six months or maximum, one year."

"As a result, Waqf properties are not being managed or protected well, they are facing risk and being encroached. Besides, such persons were appointed who didn't have the power to take policy related actions". "The existence of Awqaf-e-Amma, Mutawalli Committee, that oversaw property to the tune of Rs 10,000 crore, has come under threat", he claims.

This 52 year old institution was suddenly scrapped.This decision was taken in a hush hush manner and without giving anyone a chance to raise a voice. It used the earning from properties to support widows, gave pension to destitute apart from scholarships to students".

Adv Salman said that MP Madarsa Board is facing a plethora of issues and due to lack of appointments at the posts, obtaining funds for thousands of madarsas of the state has been scuttled. Besides, in case of Haj House, under the Central Haj Act 2002, section 29, it is clear that Chief Executive Officer would be Deputy Secretary rank officer but this has not been followed here too.

"The situation is similar in Masajid Committee, as Imams and Muezzins are not getting salaries timely. Hence, a complaint against minister and secretary has been made to the Lokayuta. Salman said that if action is not taken, he will approach High Court. Also, we are going to stage a demonstration too against this attempt to damage these precious institutions".